ARTIN Athletics is a footwear brand founded with a mission to create the perfect fitness shoe. The brand is developed by shoe technicians and fitness enthusiasts. 

Created for the ambitious living in the gym to beat themselves. Our community stands for creating opportunities beyond expectation. We exist to support the toughest workouts. We love to excel, be satisfied, and reach our full potential. ARTIN is a lifestyle.


Shoes are fundamental in training with weights. They transmit force into the ground, changing the way you load your body. The ARTIN TRAINERS are designed to create an optimal floor contact by having only a 4mm heel to toe drop. In addition, they stabilise your feet by providing support to the midfoot. The forefoot has a wide fitting with flexible upper material, which creates the possibility for you to perform at a high pace.


Vegan shoes
No animals were harmed during the production of all Artin Athletics products. All products are 100% vegan.

Our trainers are made of several materials:
  • the outsoles are made of EVA
  • The uppers out of Mesh/TPU/Canvas
Our accessories of cotton, Nylon and Lycra.

No paint is used in the fabrication of our shoe boxes. The boxes are 100% recycled.