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Jay Whey en Jelle Starreveld

Artin Athletics vs. anderen

4.9/5 out of 180+ reviews

What our customers say


A very personal shoe of high…

A very personal shoe of high quality.

After advice on the size, the shoes were delivered quickly. A personal card and energy drink gift. After my first workout it was clear.


Fantastic shoes

Fantastic shoes. Looking good. Sit well, and you stand very firmly in it. Provides good support.

Arie Hoogeveen

Great shoes!

Shoes were shipped quickly and neatly upon arrival, there was even a handwritten note! Shoes look good and are very comfortable for a decent price, very satisfied in that respect. Afterwards I had personal contact with the co-owner. 10/10 for new sports shoes this is the address you need ;)


Great Shoes!

Ordered these shoes a month ago and have not regretted them for a moment! They are delicious! Fit well but still feel very light and you have enough room to move your toes. Definitely a good investment for the athletes among us!

Danny Faas

Very nice shopping experience

Very nice ordering experience. Delivered quickly. Very satisfied with the product. No nonsense. And the personal touch of a card is very customer-friendly! Highly recommended! Best workout shoe I've worn in a very long time


Highly recommended

Super comfortable shoes, stable and good quality, you get value for money. Well packaged, shipped quickly. Receiving a personal email afterwards to ask about my experience and feedback, is always more fun than a standard email that you can't respond to. Will definitely order here more often!


Very stable fitness shoes

Very customer friendly and above all great stable shoes. Years of training on all kinds of (wrong) shoes and you notice it. Since I bought my first pair of Artin Athletics a few months ago, I notice that I stand and sit much more stable during all my exercises in the gym. Just received my 2nd pair and that says enough I think....

casper vos

Great shoes

Long story short; great shoes.
Fit like a glove, very firm but still flexible. Do not sit too loose or too tight and do not pinch, good distribution of the entire foot, making strength training just another party.
Nice to see these shoes coming back more often among influential coaches and athletes.

Simon Faasse


Great service, delivery within 2 working days and quick responses via instagram! Have now done push, pull and legs with the shoes and I really like them! Good stability during the lift but comfortable to walk with. In addition, also more than fine to participate in low intensity cardio. Wide fit is very nice, almost never have shoes that fit properly. Highly recommended!


Nice shoes and good experience

Nice shoes, feels great. Long delivery time by PostNL is also the only downside. Also included some extras and a nice card. Really big pluses

M. Stomphorst

Great fitness shoes

Nice offer at the time that had just ended, but they were kind enough to still apply this discount. Shoes were delivered quickly with a personal card and two cans of sports drink. The shoes are great and you really notice that they are made for the gym. Recommended!

Willem van Haaren

Artin is above average

Artin is above average. As a startup, you normally need a few years to put yourself on the map.

But with a strategy and the associated quality, their favor factor is enormous, even next to the major brands in the market, they manage to achieve success in no time. Keep it up! πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Anyway, give it a try!

Always bought cheap shoes to train on with a flat sole, but after contacting Artin and asking several questions, I decided to try them.

To be honest, this really makes a difference. You clearly notice more stability during Squats and also notice that I stand firmer with a deadlift.



Nice shoes!

Nice and light and a sturdy flat sole.
Also enough room for my wide feet which makes them really comfortable.
And they still look great too!


Meer kracht. Meer stabiliteit. Meer comfort.

Meer kracht

Door de platte zool gaat er geen energie verloren in de grond en kun je maximaal presteren.

Meer stabiliteit

Door een breed stavlak creΓ«er je meer grondoppervlak en blijf je makkelijker in evenwicht.

Meer comfort

Door een selectie van licht gewicht materialen en de perfecte pasvorm.

Jeroen van Gils


Joris van Gerven



Ontworpen & ontwikkeld door schoen-experts

Oprichters Jeroen & Joris zijn beiden gediplomeerd orthopedisch schoentechnoloog. Vanuit een gezamenlijke passie voor fitness is Artin ontstaan - het eerste merk dat zich richt op het ontwikkelen van de perfecte fitness schoen. Elk detail van onze trainers is geoptimaliseerd voor krachtsport. Ontdek waarom er geen betere schoen is voor jouw squats en deadlifts dan deze.


Een stevige enkelbasis voor onaantastbare beheersing en controle.


Soepel en luchtig materiaal voor een vrij gevoel tijdens het trainen.


  • Breed standvlak voor perfect grondcontact
  • Lage hielheffing voor optimale stabiliteit


De zool van gevulkaniseerd rubber zorgt voor de ultieme grip. Glijd nooit meer weg bij cable flyes.


Geeft ruimte voor het spreiden van de tenen. Zo sta jij stabiel tijdens je work-out.


Supercharge your workouts ⚑️

The Mesh trainer 2 provides you with the opportunity to perform at you very best. The shoe is lightweight and has a perfect fit.


Optimal Mind-Muscle Connection

Not only is your workout beter with a filthy pump. It’s also proven that a mind miscle connection gives you beter gym results… More gains!



Born out of passion for shoes and fitness

Jeroen & Joris started the mission out of love for fitness and shoes. Both are
certified shoe technicians and fanatic gymrats - Your recipe for the perfect
fitness shoe


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